Hat Romwe - Wig Heahair - Blouse SheIn - Skirt Romwe - Tights Aliexpress - Boots T.u.k

The sun is shining lately and I'm so happy I can shoot new outfits without dying for the cold, maybe spring is finally coming and I can't wait to wear light jackets, short skirts and light tops again. For today's look I went for a new white blouse with a lovely neckband and the same motif on the wristbands, I also love the black velvet ribbons details! Just to add an edgy touch to the whole look I wore my forever favorite fake leather skirt, maybe I should buy a new one 'cause I wore this one so much since I got it ahah! With the good weather my mood is really great too, maybe 'cause in Italy we live most of the time with sun and warm weather so living a full month with rain and snow was not the best, I can't wait to organize some new travels too and shoot new churches pics for my second instagram account ahah many of you maybe don't know about it, you can check it here

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