Hat Romwe - Wig Heahair - Top Axes Femme - Skirt Romwe - Tights Aliexpress - Boots Quanticlo

Happy Sundays lovelies! How is your weekend going? I had tons of things to do these last days but I can't wait to show you some more contents I'm working on, like some new Youtube videos! The weather it's so cold it was so difficult shooting these pics, anstrong and freezing wind is the worst enemy for every blogger who shoot pics outside ahah but I wanted to show you my new wig from Heahair, I'm so in love with it, I love the gorgeous and natural color and the quality of the fiber, it looks like real hair and I can't be more happy! The outfit is a basic all black (as always lol) but I missed wearing this lovely top I got in Japan years ago, lately I feel so nostalgic I can't wait to go back to Tokyo when I'll have the chance! In the meantime I'm looking for a cool place to spend a tiny holiday for this summer! 

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  1. I know the feeling - the weather has been awful over here too so I haven't been able to take many outfit photos...

    I love the details on the blouse! It's so elegant yet gothic at the same time.

    Lizzie Bee // Hello Lizzie Bee

    1. Thank you so much dear! Blogger life is hard sometimes T_T


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