Hat Romwe - Wig Heahair - Dress Killstar - Cardigan Romwe - Tights Tally Weijl - Boots Romwe

The weather became really bad lately, rainy and cold so it's really hard to take outfit pics outside. For today's look I'm wearing this comfy and warm cardigan, it's quite simple but the fake fur detail over the pockets is really cute (they're detachable so if you want to change the mood of this piece you can!), I think it's a nice item for this season and it's available in grey too. The black one is sold out in this moment but I hope they'll restock it! I also wore this new classic pair of boots, perfect for everyday use, they're a bit tiny so I recommend you a size up! I'm still in love with this gorgeous blonde wig, I'm wearing it so much but I'm really tempted to cut it a bit to make it more natural, but I don't know, I'm waiting for your advices! 

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