The lone night rider


Hat Romwe - Sweater Bershka - Tights Aliexpress - Boots Jeffrey Campbell 

Happy Sunday guys! I went to local sales some days ago and I got a few things for cheap prices, I don't usually find something cool during this period 'cause most of the items are really old or sell out too fast, but this year I decided to go the first day and I found this lovely warm sweater. I'm in love with this kind of items 'cause you can wear it as a dress but at the same time like a cozy sweater, I also love the tiny pearls all around especially for the color, it's the first time I see pearls in this shade of grey and I think they look really cool! For this look I used the Desert Dusk palette from Huda beauty and I'm so freaking in love with the colors and the quality, they're amazing. I hope to get the Rose Gold palette one day too. 

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