Hat River Island - Wig Heahair - Hoodie Goodbye bread - Tights Taobao - Boots Quanticlo

It's rare seeing me wear white clothes, but this gorgeous hoodie from Goodbye Bread is to die for! The quality is amazing, the details are really well done and I love both the embriodery on the sleeves and the "loveless" print in the front, I couldn't ask for something more. I love oversized hoodies 'cause you can wear them as a dress or with leggings, this one is perfect with denim pants too in my opinion, I should try this combination really soon. I still don't know what to wear for Christmas but I really hope to do a proper coordinate for once, 'cause I usually wear something super cozy for the family dinner :D but I think it's a nice event to dress up cute with something related, what do you think?
I would like to buy a themed pajama one day too ahah I really like this time of the year.

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