Hat h&m - Cape RomweDress SheIn - Wig Uniqso - Tights Tally Weijl - Boots Quanticlo

As I mentioned in the previous post I received this lovely red dress too! I'm a big fan of the color, it's one of my favorites together with black and white and I had to add this lovely simple dress to my collection, I really like the detail in the upper part, it looks so feminine and cute. I wore again this black cape I had in a previous post, it looks really good over all the dresses and it's warm even if it's really cheap compared to the ones I find in local stores! I'm sorry for the messy hair in these pics but the wind is really strong these days, it's really hard to make decent outfit pics ahah! I'm graduating this Monday and I can't wait to close my relationship with University forever!

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