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I'm currently on travel going to Lucca for a convention in my country, but don't worry the blog will be active as always :D today's outfit is quite cozy and warm, recently the weather became cold so a big cozy cardigan is a must have, this one is black but it has a tiny colorful accent all over it, which is pretty cool don't you think? I paired it in an all black outfit as always, I'm wearing one of my favorite tee from Black Sanctuary, many of you asked about it :D I'm really happy you liked the print 'cause is amanzing! How is your life going? I hope you're doing well! Mine is really hectic lately, so many things to do and so little time, I'm so stupid 'cause I like being active all the time but then I complain about it ahah!

2 commenti:

  1. the stockings are fabulous! i love your style!

    dahi from strangeness-and-charms.com
    paris undiscovered - my top ten places to visit in the city.

  2. Gothic, cosy and absolutely stunning. I love the place your outfits fall in goth fashion. 10/10 would trust you to curse my worst enemy whilst baking the most delicious cookies!



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