Back to school outfit ideas (+ Halloween promotion)

Hi cuties! I know I'm kinda late for a proper back to school otufit ideas, but I hope you'll enjoy reading it and find some cool ideas for school and University outfits :D I tried to create some cheap looks good for school here in Italy, but let me know if you have any special request or limitations about your school outfits!

A sporty look is something we all wore during our school days, but I tried to make this coordinate a bit more fancy and less casual :D so I choose this cool pair of checked pants (they're so on trend in this moment) paired with a coordinated black x white hoodie with the lovely rose details, a cozy and large backpack with a coordinated print to fit the hoodie and a simple and clean pair of sneakers (but wuth platform! I love it so much).

The second look is my go to for school/University, I wear this kind of style these days too ahah because it's comfy but still cool! Big sweaters are my favorite for this season, they're warm and cozy, perfect when you have to go out for a lot of hours. I always wear a pair of cozy black leggings or skinny jeans, I think it's the best option with a large top over them. The platform boots are my favorite item ever, I wear them almost everyday and this pair is amazing! The backpack is inspired by the famouse Kanken you see almost everywhere on Instagram, this is a cool cheap option :D I'm really tempted to get it for myself!

This last outfit is more particular and less casual, in Italy you can't wear mini skirts in school so a long and cozy one is the best option if you don't want to give up wearing them. The look is all black and I love how everything is gorgeous but at the same time perfect for a comfortable outfit, the boots are my favorite this time too :D I love the silver details!

I hope you like these looks! I can't choose my favorite this time ahah! I also have a cool Halloween promotion for all of you :D until tomorrow you can join this promotion and you'll get a Halloween pillow for free on Romwe, don't miss the chance to get this lovely gift with your order!
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