Wig Taobao - Headband Spinns - Tee Black Sanctuary - Boots Tuk

Long time since my last post feauturing a Black Sanctuary tee :D I missed so much doing this kind of shooting with white lenses and heavy makeup! I recently got a bunch of their gorgeous new collection so stay tuned for a lot of new posts in the next weeks! I really love this tee for the giant print on the back, it's one of my favorite things in fashion lately I'm so happy I have new tees like this one! Don't you think the sentences are so true? I totally agree with them! The next week I will be away for holiday but don't worry, I already scheduled some new outfit posts so you will be able to read something new even if I'm in another country :D sometimes I feel like a proper blogger ahah! How are you spending your holidays? I can't wait to leave for some fresh air!

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