Hat Romwe - Choker, Top Witch Worldwide - Skirt Ghost of Harlem - Boots Quanticlo

It has been long time since my last witchy outfit! Lately I'm more into casual and comfy looks, but it's always nice to wear one of my favorite styles even if the weather is hot like hell, this outfit is perfect for summer, really comfy and fresh! I love wearing long skirts in summer, they're one of my must have items, they can totally change the whole feeling in a look. I got this one in my last Tokyo trip years ago for a super cheap price during the winter sales, the texture is light so you can easily wear it also during summer and I paired it with this super light printed top. I also wore this new liquid lipstick from Nabla, I don't know why it looks almost black on me even if it's more a dark green :( it's such a shame when you buy a lipstick and the color totally changes!

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