Headband handmade by me - Necklace Rogue + wolf - Wig Uniqso - Dress Romwe - Sandals Quanticlo

This summer I did my best to create more interesting outfits than my usual, you know I live in Italy and summer here is like hell, I found long and floral dresses one of the coolest thing ever 'cause they're perfect for the weather but at the same time really fancy. I recently received this cool black one in the mail, I love the tiny floral details in ash colors, they're my favorite tones ever! I paired it with my huge headband (maybe one day I'll sell them, so many of you asked for them!), my favorite all black necklace and sandals, which are so old I really need to take some new pairs 'cause I'm wearing the same three pairs all the time ahah! I'm really excited in this moment 'cause next Monday I'll leave for some days in Krakow! I can't wait to see a new beautiful city and enjoy a fresh weather after months of hell :D if you have some cool suggestions I'll be glad if you leave me a comment!

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