Review: Geo Xtra Lotus Brown + Gift Box

Hi guys! I recently got a new package from my always favorite shop Uniqso and this time together with a lovely pair of circle lenses, the Geo Xtra Lotus in Brown, I also got a gift box with some beauty products *_* I tested them during the last week so I'm ready to talk about them!

The box looks incredibly cute and full of beauty products! I got everything with Fedex shipping as always, no problem with customs and I got the package in a few days, always my favorite shipping method! The box contains two pairs of  fake lashes, circle lenses, a waterproof eyeliner and a lovely pair of glasses! I'm sorry I forgot to shoot some pics with them, I hope to do it soon 'cause they're lovely!

In these pics I'm wearing both the lashes, the lenses and I also used the eyeliner which is amazing! As you can see they're incredibly HUGE and make my eyes so dolly, the lashes fit really well this cute pair of lenses! The colori is a natural brown with a tiny tint of grey in the outer part, the eyes look so shiny and cute with this lenses! I think it's a great pair for cosplay 'cause they're so big and visible so the effect is really good in camera. They're really confortable and easy to put in, I wore them for some hours without problems! You can get the lenses here! If you're intested you can purchase a Gift Box too here which is a super cute idea for a present!

I tought it would be helpful to spend some time talking about the fake lashes and the eyeliner too! The fake lashes are from the brand Stella, they're really easy to put on your eyelids, they're comfy and soft, definetely recommended if you're looking for some cool lashes for cosplay! (links: under lashes, upper lashes)

The eyeliner is the Waterproof Liquid eyeliner by Euforia and it's the best discovery EVER, you know the famouse eyeliner by Kat Von D? This one is even better! It's super easy to use and the line is so black you don't need to push the eyeliner, I can't live without it now ahah! I used it on these pics too and you can see how black it is! My vote is 5/5 :D! You can get it here!


Color ★★★★ cute and shiny brown color
Design ★★★★ great design
Enlargement ★★★ BIG enlargement effect!
Comfort ★★★★ super comfy!

- lovely brown color that fits really well dark eyes
-  great design
- perfect for cosplay!
- BIG diameter
- really comfy

- nothing!

Don't forget you can always use my code "vanilla" for a 10% discount on your Uniqso order!

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  1. The eyelashes are so perfect! Really love that store, I wish they'll ship to Mexico :(

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