Dead is better

Headband Spinns - Tee Black Sanctuary - Choker Ghost of Harlem - Skirt Glavil - Tights Taobao - Shoes Yru

Hi guys! I have a tiny life update today: I started my last University summer session, yesterday I passed one more exam and I can finally say I'm almost near to my final degree! As you already know I already got a University degree some years ago, but I had to take one more to complete my Uni's career, I'm so happy the University will be over (and forever!) this year if everything works, I can't wait to start a new life after spending so many years studying :D. After this tiny but important life update today's outfit is my basic go to with Black Sanctuary tees (which are my favorite so far), all black pairing with my old Glavil skirt, spiked headband and platform sneakers, I miss so much my gyaru days but all the rokku gyaru brands are dead and it makes me feel so nostalgic :(.

2 commenti:

  1. This outfit reminds me so much of a Gothic Lolita! <3 love the studded head band, and the way you paired everything with the contacts and hair, make up is perfection <3
    Kinga xx


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