Review: Uniqso White x lilac gradient wig

Hi guys!
I think I should do more posts like this because I get always so many questions about my wigs, I hope it helps! Recently Uniqso added so many new gorgeous wigs to their selection, and not only cosplay wigs! I choose this cool white/light grey wig with a lovely lilac gradient to the tips, I think it's perfect for j-fashion looks :D

This is how the wig looks on the website

The wig is not totally straight, it becomes a little wavy on the tips even if you brush it. I think it's cuter this way instead of the usual total straight look. The gradient is really well done and so delicate!
The fiber is super soft and easy to comb and style, I'm always impressed by the Uniqso wigs quality, they're all amazing and super soft! The fiber is of course 100% heat resistant so you can style it with the iron without problems :)

Some pics wearing the wig so you can see how it fits! I only cut the bangs because the original one was really long, it was really easy to cut and style, I did it in almost 3 minutes! You can get the wig here.

Quality ★★ really high quality fiber!
 Color ★  lovely gradient color
 Softness ★ super smooth and easy to comb 

Don't forget you can always use the code "vanilla" for a 10% discount on your Uniqso order! :D

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