Review: Kreepsville eyeball hair bows and skeleton necklace

I made an order from Kreepsville666 some days ago and I decided to make a review post because a lot of girls love the new horror trend ^^ (maybe Kyari made it famous ahah). You can find this kind of products on ebay or from the Japanese brand Hell cat punks, but these from Kreepsville are the original and prices are more convenient! There's a large product choice, you can find the most famous eyeball hair bow in different model and colors, skeleton dresses and jewelry, bags, t-shirts and many more! I bought two pair of eyeball hair bows and a skeleton necklace ^^
Price (4/5): eyeball hair bows (7,96 pounds each couple), skeleton necklace (15 pounds), they are not cheap but as I wrote there aren’t good alternatives and the quality is very good!
Shipping (4/5): you have a table based on your spending, in my case for these three products I paid 6 pounds, the shipping is with Royal mail tracked so you can track the parcel! There was an error with my order, it came back to the company after two days, then they re- sent it to me and it arrived in 7 days without problems!
Packing (3/5): it’s a normal envelope padded. Every item is in single transparent envelope except the necklace had a more protective plastic box.
Communication (5/5): the staff was really kind and fast, they sent to me a mail everytime( bill, track and a new track when there was the error).
Overall (4/5): I’m very satisfied of my new accessories and the service, I’m sure I will buy from them again!

4 commenti:

  1. Good review! The eyeball ribbons seem to be very popular now ^^ Can't wait to see how they look on you ♥

  2. thank you dear ♥ I hope to make a outfit with them asap :D

  3. ehi ciao! :3
    questo nuovo blog è carinissimo!
    i fiocchi con gli occhietti li sto vedendo ovunque su tumblr e mi fanno troppo ridere XD (in senso buono, sono così disturbanti ma pucci allo stesso tempo *A*)

  4. grazie mille ♥ si, ormai si vedono ovunque XD anche io li trovo carini ma allo stesso tempo disturbanti *w* è proprio quello che mi piace di più!


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