Birthday meeting


Yesterday I spent my day with my lolita friends in Rome, I was so happy to celebrate my birthday with them! In the morning I made my hair then I went to my boyfriend house for lunch, after that we left home and went to our destination! The travel was quiet, I love seeing the beautiful mountains and landscapes of my region! We reached Flavia’s home then we went to the meeting place, I was so happy to finally meet my friends and know a new girl of our group !

My outfit:


Jsk: Alice and the pirates - Jacket: Black peace now - Necklaces: Suppurate system and offbrand - Headdress: Fox Cherry - Shoes: Taobao

Group pics :



The beautiful Desi's DAL ( you can see my magnetic nail polish ahah)

We spent the afternoon walking around Rome, we visited a lot of cutAllinea a destrae shops that there aren’t in my town then we went to a nearby bar because the weather was really cold! I bought a new concealer from MAC and the shop assistant was really nice, she gave me 4 samples of their light foundation, I was really lucky! I’ m so curious to try them! We also met the adorable Elisa (one of the lovely girls from Cute can Kill), she gave me a gorgeous present (a beautiful phonestrap *_* I’m in love with it) and a bat necklace I bought some days ago from their last up!


I received beautiful presents, I’m so happy ! They know me so well! I’ll post the pictures with all the presents in the next days ^_^!

4 commenti:

  1. Must have been a lvoely meet-up!
    I really love the pink bat necklace ♥ So cute!
    And you look lovely, as always..Red and black is a good combination.

  2. The meet-up seems like a lot of fun.
    you wore such a beautiful outfit! ^^
    It suits you very well!

    That bat necklace is so pretty!

  3. sono stata benissimo e sono molto contenta di averti conosciuta di persona ♥♥♥

    shirayuki hime

  4. thank you very much girls ♥♥♥!

    Elena: adesso ci rivediamo al Nimi *w*


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