Review: Demon Slayer Kochou Shinobu wig and costume by Animee Cosplay

Hi lovelies!
I have a new review for you this time a special one for Animee Cosplay! I know there are many cosplayers who read my reviews and I hope this one is helpful for all of you. I had the chance to test this brand new shop and try the cosplay of Shinobu from Demon Slayer. I loved so much the anime and this is one of my favorite characters so I'm glad to show it to you 'cause the quality is amazing. 

Let's talk firstly about the Shinobu Kochou cosplay

I added some pics from the website so you can see how it looks like online and in real life.
I can totally say the cosplay looks the same in real life too! It's really well done in every single detail, materials are good too. I took a size M if you want a reference for sizes :).

I tried to show the cosplay as better as possibile, I love the gradient pastel colors on the kimono, they're so well done! I'm in love with the overall quality.
Also the black uniforn is perfect in my opinion, the gold buttons are really pretty and the print on the back (you can see it in the next pics) is really good! I washed it in the washing machine and everything comes out perfect without problems, I really recommend it to you if you're looking for this cosplay!

I forgot to show you these items but as you can see they are so pretty and perfect in every detail!

Now it's time to talk about the Shinobu Kochou wig. As I did for the cosplay, I added a stock pic for the wig too so you can see how it looks like in the website. I can confirm in this case too, it's totally the same in real life too.

The quality is really good, the fiber is really soft and I liked they added the butterfly accessory too in the package, so if you're not good with crafting accessories this is really helpful! I leaved the wig in its natural style so you can see how it looks like, I think it's a perfect base to style it for Shinobu, I really like the quality and the color too. Totally recommended it too!

Quality ★ ★ high quality fiber!
 Color  special design and color
 Softness  ★ smooth and easy to comb 

Let me know if you want to see more cosplay reviews :D and don't forget to check Animee cosplay for more amazing cosplays and wigs!

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