4 looks for winter

Hi lovelies!
Today I have a bunch of new looks to show you in collaborations with Femme Luxe!
Let me know which outfit is your favorite in the comments and if you want more posts like this one :D. I decided to show you different outfits for different occasions: from a street style look to a fancy one for a dinner out or a special event. I would love to do more posts like this, just let me know in the comments if you're interested. 

Beanie Black Sanctuary - Hoodie dress Femme Luxe - Tights Calzedonia - Shoes Naked Wolfe

The first look is probably my favorite for a day out with friends when you want to check stores and eat something, this dress/hoodie is really soft at touch and I love that it's good for many different seasons 'cause it's not too heavy. I paired it with a beanie and my favorite sneakers for a total black look, but I'm sure a pair of white sneakers would be perfect too! I really love platform sneakers 'cause they go with almost everything and you can stay comfortable all day without worrying for your poor feet ahah and I love this kind of sporty trend you can see almost everywhere on ig, I should wear more outfits like this one.

Hat Romwe - Choker Alien Mood - Dress Femme Luxe - Belt Ninja cosmico - Boots Quanticlo

The second look is another all black one with an oversized item and this time I chose this cute dress with the shoulder detail. For something more goth I added to the outfit my favorite belt and boots with a pair of fishnets (which I love with almost every look!). This kind of dress is a must have in the closet 'cause you can coordinate it in many different ways, from casual and cozy to fancy ones. If you want a slinky dress for a special occasion you can find a lot of beautiful ones on the store!
I accidentally ordered a size too big for me but this kind of dress is perfect for every shape, the material is really similar to a hoodie so it makes the dress way more comfortable!

Hat Romwe - Dress Femme Luxe - Boots Quanticlo

If you know me well you already know I love big chunky sweaters to wear as dresses and this one is so cute. This gray shade fits so many different styles and the quality is so good, the material is incredibly soft at touch! I added black and silver accessories to match this beautiful item but I would be curios to see it with other color combinations too or with a pair of amazing PU leggings. 
This is the first grey item in my closet but I really like how it matches so well with black!
I have this kind of dress in many different colors in my closet because it's perfect for winter!

Hat h&m - Blouse Femme Luxe - Skirt Oeyes - Tights Aliexpress - Boots Jeffrey Campbell

Last outfit is really fancy, perfect for an evening, a white blouse is a must have in the closet and this one is so elegant and gorgeous I love it so much! With a coat you can easily wear it in winter too and I can't wait to create many more outfits with it. The details are so well done and it's really soft too. 
I paired it with black accessories but next time I really wanted to add a touch of gold 'cause it would look perfect with a romantic top like this one! If you want a more party look you can add a glitter crop top instead. I have in my mind a makeup look for ig with this top and I really hope to do asap, recently I haven't got much free time ahah!

Let me know which outfit is your favorite! I can't decide between the first one and the last one, they're so different!

3 commenti:

  1. I love them all but the 3rd is definitely my favorite!! Can't say no to a sweater dress <3

  2. 4 is not really my style, but I love 1-3 and would totally wear them!

  3. You look extremely attractive and beautiful modelling all four outfits in the photos above.
    Your eyes, eye-makeup, lips and perfectly applied lipstick all look beautiful!
    I love the fishnets you wore with the second outfit, and the beautiful hosiery you wore with that pretty sweater-dress,
    My favourite outfit of the four is the last outfit.
    I love the bow and garter embellished hosiery and the very feminine white blouse look styled with the black mini-skirt.
    You look absolutely fabulous.

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