Hi cuties!
I have two new looks for you today to celebrate Cyber monday with SheIn :D I hope you bought a lot of gorgeous things with these amazing sales! For a change I decided to show you two very different outfits from my usual, it's always nice to try new things.

Headband Handmade - Dress SheIn - Necklace Bijou Brigitte

This fabulous dress makes my feel like a princess! I love the little stars all around it, it's so well done in every single detail. Even if it looks heavy it's really light and comfortable. If you're looking for a gorgeous dress for a very special occasion or event, this one is totally for you! Are you into elegant dresses? I haven't got many chances to dress up this way but I think it's really cool to have a special piece in your closet!

Hat Romwe - Necklace Rogue + wolf - Coat SheInDress SheIn - Boots Quanticlo

This second look is great for many different occasion, if you have an evening with your friends or if you just want to feel amazing but still comfortable :D this dress is so cute and I love the quality too! Another item with stars all over, I can't help myself I love this print so much! For a change I added this lovely caramel coat for a color touch and I really like it, recently I'm trying to wear more colorful jackets in my daily life too.

Which outfit is your favorite?

3 commenti:

  1. You look stunningly gorgeous modelling both of these beautiful outfits! I love the violet coloured wig - You look very pretty wearing it.
    Your eye-makeup and lipstick look extremely beautiful.
    I really love the looks of both of these beautiful outfits a lot!!!!!!
    You look stunning in that black SheIn Star Flock Mesh Overlay Strapless Bustier Dress,
    and I also love the SheIn Star Print Ruffle Trim Wrap Mini-dress!!!
    I am having trouble deciding which outfit I love the most - they both look fabulous.

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  2. OMG those dresses are amazing! Really loving the second and last one ♥


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