Review: Miss Broadway All Day Velvet lipsticks

A week ago I received this amazing parcel by Hivency containing some new lipsticks from Miss Broadway! It's an italian brand well know here and you can easily find them in a lot of different shops :D. You can check their Instagram to see more products and cute pics.

As you can see every lipstick come in a plastic envelope (you need a scissor to open it) with a description and ingredients list! They're described as Soft Matte lipsticks full and rich color: formula enriched with Mango butter, Emollient oils and volulipe complex that helps the lips to retain hydration and improves the volume by 15% and the tonicity of 13%, sounds great don't you think? Let's talk about my personal impressions.

Packging: It's a soft matte packaging that fits really well the concept of these lipsticks, you can easily see the color too! I really like this choice so you can easily find your color without problems. They're really cute in my makeup collection :D

Colors: orange 04, orange 03, bordeaux 01, real red 02

Colors: Nude 08, Candy pink 07,  Antique rose 06, Prune 05

I didn't try all the colors but I can say the formula is the same both for light and dark colors, the finish is semi matte but you'll lose the tiny shiny effect if you remove the first layer of lipsticks or if you eat, the color still remains the same, gorgeous and pigmented but totally matte! So if you're a fan of total matte colors you can easily get the same effect with this trick :D! They're really comfortable but after many hours tend to dry your lips, but I have naturally dry lips so I'm pretty sure you won't have this problem if you don't have lips like mine. 

My final thoughts are totally positive for these lipsticks! Afforable price, great formula and amazing colors, I hope to try different colors in the future :D

Thank you so much to Hivency and Miss Broadway for sending me these amazing products! 

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