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Hat h&m - Wig Uniqso - Dress Amazon - Tights Calzedonia - Shoes Melissa - Bag Leafling bags

My old time followers maybe remember the days I always wore lolita fashion, it feels like ages ago even if it's just 5-6 years! I got in touch with a shop on Amazon and they kindly sent me this dress ispired by a famous model from Victorian Maiden, of course the model is not the same as you can see on the link, but I think it's a great choice if you want to approach lolita fashion without spending too much! When I started wearing lolita fashion it was impossibileto find cool dresses for cheap, I'm glad there are many options on the web now. The quality of this dress is good, every detail is very well done, I'm not totally convinced about the shape 'cause you can't wear classic petticoats (but you'll get a tiny one in your order so don't worry!). Let's talk about the bag: it's amazing, I'm deeply in love with it. I'm such a big fan ofthe Leafling bags products, they're amazing, have a great quality and they're of course all handmade :D I'm always really happy to support indie brands! You need to check her Etsy shop, you'll love it for sure!

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  1. OMG, you look absolutely amazing from head to toe! Your Uniqso wig, makeup, dress, and Calzedonia tights all look perfect! I love the style and love the total look.

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