Outfit ideas with fake leather skirts!

Europe is currently under a terribly cold weather but I can't give up on sharing some new cool and cheap outfits with you :D  today I decided to create some new looks pairing some different fake leather skirts in many different ways, I hope you like this coordinates, let me know which is your favorite!

A standard outfit for me, I love every piece. Platform boots are always my favorite model, paired together with this absolutely amazing skirt, the classic and warm cape and this simple sweater is my go to look when I want to wear a fake leather skirt in a full black outfit!

Lately I'm trying to wear other colors and not only black, white is one of my favorite options. Look how beautiful these boots are! I really want to get this pair for myself too :D and I love how in contrast the shiny Pu skirt is with the solid and plaid white color of the sweater, my favorite outfit of this post!

The last outfit is featuring a really cool fake leather cap that matches the midi lenght skirt and the boots, I love pairing the same detail (the chain in this case) in many items inside the same look. To make the look a bit different from my usual I added this lovely striped blouse with the choker detail, my favorite model of tops in the last months.

I hope you enjoy this post and I can't wait to show you some more pics I shot recently!

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  1. Skirt number one is hot and skirt number two would turn heads as well but I love the style of skirt number three!


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