Hat Romwe - Wig Uniqso - Dress SheIn - Coat SheIn - Tights Aliexpress - Bag Vivienne Westwood - Boots Jeffrey Campbell

Shooting these pics with -1° was totally hell, but I quite like the final result, it doesn't look like I'm suffering the cold at all :D but I wanted to show you some new coords so bad especially 'cause I got some new cool items! The coat is really light, so it's perfect for spring and autumn, the color and shape are so beautiful and it fits every bodyshape without problems, you can also close it with a tiny lace, I paired it with this dark navy dress with a lovely flower print all over it, the print matches really well the color of the coat so I thought it was a perfect combination! I haven't got other blue items in my closet so I went for all black accessories as always,this time with gold details, I wore my favorite Lita boots together with my brand new Divina bag from Vivienne Westwood, maybe some of you remember I had this bag in the large size, but I swapped it with a friend who gave me a totally different bag....the same thing happened again! I gave one of my bags to a friend and got this one :D I'm so happy! 

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  1. That really impressive how you maintained such a calm and pretty expression in minus one degree weather! You look stunningly beautiful in all of your outfit photos! Your eyes, lips, lipstick, and eye-makeup all look gorgeous. Your wig, hat, dress and coat all look look very pretty.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words! I'm really happy with the final result, even if I was dying for the cold :D


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