Hat Romwe - Choker Japan - Top SheIn - Coat Shein - Skirt Evris - Boots Quanticlo

Another all black look but this time with a touch of color for the outwear, if we can consider a proper "color" grey :D. In winter I really love wearing total black looks but I also like to breae the whole mood with a colorful coat, I have many different colors in my outwear section even if Im totally not a colorful girl. Maybe you can recognize this fake fur coat....yes,  I already have three others like this in my closet and this is the forth one, please don't judge me 'cause if I really love an item I get it in all the colors I like ahah (I already have it in red, black and taupe). I don't really like grey but this shade is gorgeous, really elegant and it looks perfect over black clothes, I'm also wearing this new crop sweater with tiny white pearls all over it, the quality of this item is amazing! This Sunday I'll leave for Milan, it's my first time visiting the city and I can't wait! :D as you can see I always try to explore new cities everytime I can! 

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  1. I like your post! I'm following your blog, can you follow mine? :)


  2. Fabulous and beautiful as always. <3
    I love that grey coat, it looks so cozy!

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