Black and gold

Hat h&m - Wig Uniqso - Top Romwe - Skirt Romwe - Tights Virivee - Boots T.u.k

You can never go wrong with all black looks and they're always my favorites, today I'm wearing some new items I recently got in the mail: the gorgeous and soft top is perfect for winter, comfy and warm at the same time and I love so much the gold details all over it, I think it's a nice touch to give a classic top a different vibe. I paired it with this midi lenght skirt, I reall like this kind of skirts 'cause they're classy and comfy at the same time (you know I love wearing comfy clothes :D I can be so lazy sometimes ahah) and they fit many different events and looks, this one is pretty light but with a good pair of tights you can wear it even during winter! I also took from my shoe closet this amazing pair of T.u.k boots I totally forgot, I have so many items it's hard to have everything at hand ahahah I really need a bigger house and a bigger closet for sure!

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