Hat h&m - Blouse/Dress Romwe - Necklace Rogue + wolf - Leggings Romwe - Boots Glad News

With the warm season I'm trying to wear light colors instead of my usual total black and I tried this gorgeous white long blouse some days ago, I love this kind of items 'cause they can be easily paired in many different ways and they fit almost every style, look how pretty the sleeves detail is! I have so many long blouses but they're all really standard, this one has so many special details and it's also the first blouse with this type of collar for me :D. I added my old time favorite Glad News boots which are so cool even if I wear them rarely 'cause I don't want to ruin them ahahah and I also wore this cool pair of leggings to stay cozy! I wish you all an amazing weekend guys, I have so many things to do and I have to study too, I'm already tired ahah!

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