Review: Eos Pastel Blue Uniqso

Hi guys and Happy Easter! I hope you're having a wonderful day with your beloved ones and tons of chocolate :D today I have a new circle lens review for Uniqso, I chose the Eos Pastel Blue, a gorgeous natural blue pair!

As always I had no problems with Fedex shipping :D I really recommend it because it's super fast and avoids the customs! Eos lenses now comes in these packages really easy to open, say goodbye to the old glass tiny bottles ahah!

Base Curve
Color Tones
4 Tones
Replacement Period
12 months
Water Content


As you can see the lenses cover really well my brown eyes, the tiny yellow tint inside blends perfectly blue color with the brown, they look so natural in real life too! I love the fact the color is really visible but at the same time natural, they totally look like my real color especially in real life :D I can't be happier! The diameter is big but the final result is really natural, I think this pair is great both for daily life and events. They come with prescription as well and you can get them here.

I'm so in love with these lenses! They become one of my favorite blue pairs in my collection :D

Color ★★★★ amazing blue that covers really dark eyes
Design ★★★★ great design
Enlargement ★★★ big enlargement effect!
Comfort ★★★★ super comfy!

- gorgeous blue color that covers really well natural eyes
-  great design
- perfect for daily use
- great diameter
- really comfy

- nothing!

Don't forget you can always use my code "vanilla" for a 10% discount on your Uniqso order!

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  1. Ooh what a lovely blue colour! They really do blend in quite well with your natural eye colour which is quite unusual, as I didn't think it would do! Hope you have an amazing Easter :D

    Lizzie Bee // Hello Lizzie Bee


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