Wig Donalovehair - Dress SheIn - Body choker Ebay - Boots Quanticlo

I already have in my closet a similar dress with the cut out on the shoulders in black so when I saw this one I had to take it too ahah, if I like something a lot I want it in all the colors...yes I'm that type of girl ahah let me know if you're this way too! The dress is quite basic so I added fishnet tights, huge platform boots and this super cool body harness I got on Ebay years ago, I don't see them anymore around the social networks but I still like this tiny but yet special accessories. I wish you all an amazing weekend guys, I'm currently under exams so I don't feel like it's Easter for me ahah but I hope you'll recieve a lot of chocolate and spend some lovely time with your beloved ones!

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