Free Pizza

Hat Romwe - Tee Black Sanctuary - Cardigan Dresslink - Choker Witch Worldwide - Tights random shop in Tokyo - Boots Quanticlo

You know how much I love Black Sanctuary's tees, it's absolutely my favorite tees/hoodies store ever and this print is one of my favorites ever! It's super funny but at the same time cool, I think there aren't many people who can resist joining the dark side if we have free pizza 8D don't you think? And the quality is always so good I can't wait to show you a lot of other gorgeous prints! The outfit is my usual total black but this time I used a super large cardigan as a dress/coat, I really like how it fits so well my tee 'cause they're still very visible. I would like to do a Black Sanctuary collection video soon on my Youtube channel, let me know if you're interested!

2 commenti:

  1. Wow, that outfit looks so nice! *_* All black but I still like it very much. That shirt is so cool, especially that print!

    At least I'm interested in to see your Black Sanctuary collection :> I hope you'll make that video someday!

    1. Thank you so much cutie :D I'm happy you like it!


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