Hat Romwe - Sweater Romwe - Skirt Evris - Tights Tally Wejil - Boots Quanticlo - Accessories Michi Mich Rainbowland

This is one of my go to outfit when I want something more elegant from my usual but still comfy and not "too elegant", this skirt is one of my favorites in all my closet and I love so much the gold chains detail (I have it in burgundy too!). I paired it with this lovely sweater, it's a shame it's always so hard to see the details over all black items (so don't forget to check the link to see some detailed pics!) , but it has a lovely frill over the bust and the cut out on the shoulders! It reminds me a lot Jouetie items I saw in Tokyo the past year, I miss this city so bad ;u; I hope to have the chance to go there next year! I think this sweater is a nice option if you want to create a Larme key Aomoji key coord without spending a lot of money and still get a really nice quality item! I also shared a new video on my channel, you can check it here and there are also English subs for once :D!

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