Review: Michi Michi Rainbow Land II

Hi guys!
Long time since the latest accessories review I did, I'm glad to show you some items I got from the shop Michi Michi Rainbow land! This isn't the first review I do for this shop, you can check the previous one here. I got the package in a few days without problems :) the shipping was really fast and the envelope super cute!

How cute is everything in this parcel! I'm so in love with the Halloween decorations inside every envelope *_*  I'm always really happy to see a parcel made with such care, with so many lovely details and of course business cards!

The first item is this huge total black pendant with black chain, it's really gorgeous and heavy, you can see it has an amazing quality! This is the kind of accessories that makes every look instantly elegant and gothic. It's also really visible over total black coords 'cause the necklace is super glossy! This necklace is available in other colors too, last time I got it with a gorgeous green and shiny stone!

The other items are two bracelets and one pair of earrings, unfortunately I haven't anymore my ears pierced because I add a strange infection some years ago, but I'm really tempted to pierce them again :D for this reason I can't shoot a proper pic of the earrings, I hope you understand!

The first bracelet is a cute black cross over a silver chain, the second one is a gorgeous and elegant bronze color bracelet with a lovely blue stone, this is the perfect bracelet for classic or gothic lolita coords in my opinion! The first one is casual and perfect for every goth/nugoth/pastel goth looks :D. They're both super light and easy to wear. The pair of earring is super cute too and really light, it's such a shame I can't wear them!

A worn pic with both bracelets, they're really cute and easy to match with a black outfit!

I'm really happy this time again with the product's quality, the shipping, the service in general and of course the shop owner is super sweet! Go check her works here and you can find the shop on Facebook and Instagram too!

4 commenti:

  1. Everything looks amazing and suits you so well! I am in love with that black pendant necklace. So gothic!

    1. I'm so happy you like them! Thank you so much dear <3!

  2. What cute accessories! You coordinated them so well. Great review <3


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