Fall touch

Hat h&m - Choker Romwe - Coat SheIn - Dress SheIn - Necklace Killstar - Boots Quanticlo

My favorite season is finally here! I couldn't wait to take out jackets, comfy and large dresses and platform boots ahah! This outfit is something I will defintely wear daily, when I'll have to go around for commissions and I want to stay as comfy as possible but without looking like I'm in still in pajama ahahah this outfit is absolutely the perfect example of my daily and comfy looks: long and soft sweater used like a dress, paired with my favorite boots and a non-black coat to give a different touch to my usual total black coords. Most of my coords are all black but I like pairing them with "colorful" jackets in my daily life, especially long trenches and denim oversize jackets! Let me know what is your typical daily outfit, I'm really curious to read them :D

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