Camo love

Hat h&m - Choker Romwe - Crop top Romwe - Skirt Romwe - Tights Taobao - Shoes Yru

Since the past year I added the camo print to my color/prints palette, I know it's not a really popular print, I rarely see it around both in real life and online but look how pretty is this camo crop sweater! It's super soft and tight, a bit sheer so your bra is a showed (which is something I really like!) and it fits perfect high waist skirts. I think it would look cool under a top or a t-shirt too, I really need to try it this way :D. I paired it with my favorite fake leather skirt, platform sneakers and of course my usual accessories hat + choker! Let me know if you like the coord and if you like camo print! I'm also a big leopard prints lover even if a lot of people say it's something for old women ahah!

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