So Goth I'm Dead


Headband Spinns - Choker Japan - Dress Killstar - Shoes Yru

I got asked a lot about this dress from Killstar on my snapchat so I decided to take some easy pics to show you how it fits, it's really long as you can see (I'm 162 cm), the material has a great quality and it's super soft, I know it can look totally different from the usual dresses but it's so damn comfy I totally fell in love with it! When the weather will become less warm I think I'll wear it a lot to stay cozy ahah! I also shared a new Haul video on my channel, check it to see the latest items I got! I'll do my best to share a new video every Saturday, I hope I can mantain this schedule during the exams period too but I can't promise it ahah!

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