Review: Eos New Adult Red

Hi cuties! New circle lens review :D always for my favorite shop Uniqso, this time I chose a pair I tried before in a lot of different colors and loved, the Eos New Adult in red color! I already reviewed this pair in other colors so I was sure the red pair would look cool and perfect for cosplay too! You can see my other review for this lenses, here for the violet pair and here for the blue one!

I got the lenses with Fedex shipping in a few days without problems :D I really recommend this shipping method if you need your lenses in short time and without worrying for the customs!

The lenses are a super bright red color which covers really well dark eyes, but I saw this pair on light eyes and the effect is great too! The diameter is tiny and quite natural, so I think it's a great option for everyone who has really little eyes and don't feel well with super large dimaters, I think this model is a pass-partout which goes well in every occasion and cosplay! The lenses are really comfortable and you don't need to put eye drops after wearing them for a lot of hours! They are available with prescription as well and they come in a lot of different colors, check them here!

I made three different angle/distance pics so you can see how vivid the color is even if you take the pic with a certain distance! This makes the lenses perfect for cosplay :D (excuse the light which is really strong and warm but the days are really shiny during summer in Italy)

 Color ★★★★ great red color that fits really well brown eyes!
Design ★★★★ nice and simple design
Enlargement ★★★ natural enlargement effect!
Comfort ★★★★ super comfy!

- red color that covers really well dark eyes
-  great and simple design 
- perfect for both j-fashion coords and daily use
- natural diameter
- really comfy

- nothing!

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