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It's so strange I didn't post some new outfits in a while, but my lovely waifu (and photographer) was ill for a whole week and then there were a lot of rainy days so shooting outside it was not possible :( but I hope to be back on track now, even if my summer exams are almost here....I'll do my best to stay active as possible! I saw this kind of jacket almost everywhere lately so I was really curious to try it, it's always nice trying new looks with different colors, materials and shapes! I paired the jacket with a cute and comfy crop top (love the details!) and a black skirt, which is one of the favorites in my closet! I was really concentrated on my study lately, I didn't go to fancy events, conventions, most of my time was at home studying, cuddling my cats and playing games ;u;!

(Tiny shopping new: Shein provides FREE shipping(With No Minimum Order) worldwide to over 100 countries from 18:00  o’clock ,May 15th BJT to 18:00 o’clock,May16th BJT , 24h!!! :D let me know if you're interested in this kind of flash shopping news so I'll be really happy to share them with you when I know them!)

3 commenti:

  1. Loving the green touch in the outfit :)

  2. I'm in love with your outfit!
    I love your jacket and the colour, I think that this colour looks really good on you!


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