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Hi loves! Finally I have some free time from my usual schedule to share with you some cheap ideas to create rokku and goshikku gyaru outfits! Probably most of you already know about gyaru style, I'm not here to focus around another important part like makeup/hair (let me know if you're interested in something like this too!), this whole post will be about outfits! Most of the items are easily found on the web, a few of them are from Japan (but you can find them on gyaru sale groups on Facebook) and some from local stores, I hope you like it!

Headband - Spinns, but you can find almost everywhere on the web like this 
one from Ebay) - 8 euro
Dress - Dresslink  around 5 euro
 Necklace - Glavil - 3000 yen around  25 euro
Belt - Glavil - not available on the website anymore - 4000 yen around 32 euro
Tights - Calzedonia - 10 euro (old season)
Shoes - Quanticlo - 30 euro
Total: 110 euro

I already worn this one some posts ago, it's really cheap compared to most of the gal outfits around even if there are some brand items in it! I think the Glavil belt is easy to do if you have some seamstress skills, all the items are around or less than 30 euro and the dress is only 5 euro! Of course it could be cheaper if we replace the brand items but I like it this way and I think it's a reasonable price for a whole outfit (and the total is with the shoes!).

Hat - h&m - 15 euro
Fake leather skirt - Romwe -  17 euro
Hollow sweater - Romwe - 15 euro
Boots - Quanticlo - 30 euro
Total: 77 euro

Another one I wore in the past months, cheaper than the previous one! Everything is cheap especially the boots, I never seen before such pretty and good quality boots for this price! I really recommend this shop because the quality is amazing and the prices really affordable :D I have my tiny collection from them and I can't wait to buy some other shoes! Talking about the outfit, it's perfect for autumn and winter, I'm always a big fan of fake leather items.

Black dress - h&m - 20 euro
Belt - TwinkleDeals - 6 euro
Sandals - Quanticlo - 30 euro
Choker - Ebay - 5 euro
Total: 61 euro

Now it's time for some collage looks which I really love! Rokku and goshikku gyaru are really easy for outfits, the important thing is to add the right makeup for a istant gyaru-vibe. Chokers, asymmetric dresses, high heels and studs are a must have. The shoes are so cute I'm really tempted to buy them for myself even if I already have tons ahah!

Black short dress - h&m - 40 euro
Lace up sandals - Quanticlo - 30 euro
Headband - Ebay - 6 euro
Skull bag - Romwe- 16 euro
Total: 92 euro

Another look perfect for a summer evening in my opinion! I have in my mind this whole look paired with a heavy smoky eyes makeup and blonde hair ahah Sakurina would totally dress up this way! This time again the price is affordable especially if you consider all the outfits ideas are with shoes, I think it's really difficult to create a look around 100 euro adding the shoes but I did it!

Let me know if you liked this kind of post, if you have other suggestions/ideas and I'll do my best to do ti asap!

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