Holy Cross

Bonnet Devil Inspired - Dress Devil Inspired - Tights Calzedonia - Blouse Taobao - Shoes Vivienne Westwood

Lately I rediscovered my love for lolita fashion, I went to a lot of local events with gothic lolita outfits (which is my old time love for j-fashions) so I'm really happy to show you a new coord with a dress I got from the brand Devil Inspired! I worked with them some years ago, I was really impressed with the quality and this time I'm happy again 'cause the dress is perfect, well made and the print is gorgeous! I think my local Sanctuary fits perfectly the dress print, unfortunetely the day was really windy so I wasn't able to shoot in the nearby garden because you know....the bonnet is not something really easy to wear with a strong wind ahahah! I'm still waiting for some lolita pics I shoot in a beautiful theather, I hope I can show you them soon!

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