Day to night Wedding outfits

Hi guys! Today a different type of outfit post, I wanted to to something like this for a long time :D! You know Weddings are always beautiful and super elegant, everytime choosing a dress is a problem for me (because you know, you can't wear black, dark colors in general, long dresses aren't ok for the morning and so many rules especially if you go inside the church). I'm really proud of myself 'cause this time I chose two outfits, one for the morning and one for the evening and they're not black for once :D!

Headbow Taobao - Dress Ever Pretty - Shoes Vivienne Westwood

It's really strange to see me in such an elegant outfit :D but sometimes it's really nice to dress up so well and without my usual black! This dress is perfect for a ceremony during the morning, the lenght is perfect, the dark red shade is amazing and the material is really soft! Of course we can't forget the lunch....the dress is really comfy so it's perfect even if you eat a lot (like I always do ahah)

Roses offbrand - Dress Ever Pretty - Bag Vivienne Westwood

Fot the evening I chose the most amazing long dress I ever seen! To avoid the black I chose again the dark red color, which is really elegant without looking too bright (and of course it's one of my fav colors!). The material is amazing, really soft and comfy to wear, I couldn't be happier because the quality and the fitting are amazing!

If you're looking for cool elegant dresses for affordable prices I really recommend to check Ever Pretty store, you can find almost every type of elegant dresses in a lot of different colors! You can also use my code "Vanilla" for a 30% discount on your order :D

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  1. These are gorgeous!!
    I love the colour and you styled them perfectly


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