Headband Lockshop - Top Lightinthebox - Skirt Lightinthebox - Shoes Yru - Choker random shop in Harajuku

Hi cuties and happy weekend! I shot some new outfits and this one is one of my favorite so far, I rarely dress up in all white but when I saw this cute set I had to take it ahah!  The print is perfeclty done and the quality is really good, I'm satisfied with it and the one size is really comfy and light to wear, perfect for the summer time! Today I'll go out with my friends for a shopping tour around the city, I hope to find something cool to buy 8) but I already have on my mind buying (finally) my very first highlitghter ever! I'm thinking about doing a random whishlist with items I would like to buy recently, but I don't know if you're interested in something like that ahah so let me know!

6 commenti:

  1. I love this dress! <3 Me encanta este vestido, pero creo que es imposible de conseguir aquí en México :( You r so pretty :3

  2. I'm totally in love with this outfit, I really love this skirt and t-shirt and I want it so so bad! *-* and your platforms omg <3 you're goals! A fashion goddess!


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