Cheap outfit ideas for summer

Hi lovelies! Today a new collage post with some cheap outfits for the spring/summer :D the weather in Italy is already really warm and I'm so happy after so many months wearing tons of heavy clothes! My intention for this summer is wearing some more colors instead of my usual total black outfits, for this reason I created some a bit more colorful cordinates and I hope you like them! I wish I could wear all of them now :D

First post is something really easy to combine and perfect for a festival :D denim distressed shorts, simple crop top and chinky sandals are a must have for summer time! I'm really in love with the cute backpack, I should get something like this for myself too!

Another simple coordinate matching with white and denim items, this time with super cute overalls which is perfect when you have got no idea on how to dress up, it solves all the problems! I paired it with another simple top, chinky sandals (this time off white) and for a touch of color this gorgeous silver/olographic tote bag!

This last outfit is my favorite!! I'm not feeling really myself with pastel and light colors, but this coordinate is something I would definetely wear! I love to create thematic outfits and this one with shells is totally perfect for summer time :D look how cute is this little shell bag! It's also available in pink too!

I hope you like these outfits ideas even if they're black like my usual ahaha, I also have a great deal for my readers! If you use the code "RW-vanilla-syndrome60" you'll have a 60% discount on your order from Romwe!! :D

6 commenti:

  1. The last outfit is my favorite too! It's just too cute (:

  2. can I recommend another shell bag? I saw this one the other day and I think is super cute and has more colors ;)

  3. Pretty perfect outfits! Thank you so much for share <3 I have the alien t-shirt in grey and I love it!


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