Pale pink

Hat Romwe - Top Shein - Skirt Shein - Boots Jeffrey Campbell

I always do my best to explore new styles, materials, colors trying to be always "me", this time I tried a more elegant and girly look with this gorgeous pale dusty pink long skirt paired with a black crop sweater with a lovely lace detail. I fell in love with this model long time ago when I saw Luanna (one of my favorite bloggers) wearing something like this, she is always one of my biggest inspirations and I love how she makes totally different coords but still remains in her personal style. Do you have fashion inspirations? Lately my favorite social media is Instagram (follow me if you want!) because is so full of gorgeous pics I find so many inspirations just scrolling down my dashboard.

12 commenti:

  1. so cute and pretty! aaaw I'm delighted!

  2. That colour suits you so perfectly!

  3. Wow! I love this on you! That skirt is amazing on you, love how you explore different styles but keep to yourself too ^_^

  4. This is one of your most beautiful outfits yet <3

  5. This skirt is PERFECT! I was looking for someone like that until months!

    1. I'm glad you finally found it ♡!


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