Hat h&m - Dress TwinkleDeals - Belt TwinkleDeals - Tights Calzedonia - Boots Jeffrey Campbell

I'm back to total black looks and this coord is one of my favorites so far! The dress is a bit short on me but nothing you can't solve with a pair of shorts under it, I'm always in love with laces dresses, I have quite a tiny collection in my closet, I'm thinking about getting a burgundy one! The belt is really gorgeous, I totally love it! I have to expand my belt collection, sometimes they make the difference in a look. Currently I feel full of inspiration for so many things I don't know how to use all my energy ahah starting the past year a good routine with my work out, diet and study made me a totally different person in a positive way, always full of energy and with the desire to do a lot of things in my day!

4 commenti:

  1. Gosh I'm loving the lace detail on the sleeves! This dress is so gorgeous - I'm the same; I definitely need more lace dresses in my life!

  2. Perfect outfit and perfect you, this wig is life!


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