Bad blood


Hat h&m - Top Dresslink - Skirt Romwe - Tights Tally Weijil - Boots Windsor Smith -
Necklace Glavil

You maybe noticed the last pic in this outfit post is different from the others (watermark and quality ahaha!) when I shooted this coord I bumped into Daniele, a dear friend photographer doing a shoot for an actor book in the same place I always do my outfits pics XD so he took just one minute of pics of me while I was there! It's always really nice to shoot with professional photographers even if I had very few chances. Talking about the outfit is one of my usual witchy vibe ones with finally some autumnal clothes (I'm so in love with the top!), I wish I can wear soon some cool jackets because it seems summer is back in Italy with 35° and humidity over 9000. Prepare my grave!

6 commenti:

  1. Your tights and hair is so lovely :) thanks for those pictures!

  2. I love the fact you emit that witchy vibe even with "casual" clothes! So awesome!

  3. I had photos in the same belt at my blog recently :D You look great, love your tights!


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