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Hi cuties!
I took my time to test this product and I'm finally ready to talk about it to you! I received this product some time ago from the famous company Yourtea, I'm sure a lot of you already saw their products on Instagram! I wasn't obviously paid to talk positively about it, the company was really great and nice to exhort me to give my true and honest opinion about the product! They offer a large selection of natural blends of tea, I got the most famous Tiny Tea for 14 days, I wasn't able to take it three times a day (because sometimes I skip my breakfast...I know it's bad) but I took it regurarly before or after every lunch and dinner.

Information about the tea

Package: a cute and solid cartoon box , inside it you'll find also a sort of catalog of other teas from the brand and how to use it. For this kind of tea you can choose between the box for 14 days or 28 days.

Ingredients: oolong tea, sicklepod senna seed, lotus leef and hawthorn berry.

Taste: I'm a big tea lover and for me it totally tastes like oolong tea, which is one of my favorites and I really like it.

Shipping: the parcel was shipped in 24 hours and I got it in around one week! The company have a lot of different warehouses around the world so the shipping would be always fast and without customs fee!

On the website they say this tea is specifically designed to assist with:
  • bloating
  • indigestion
  • problematic skin
  • cellulite
  • reduction of excess weight
  • increase energy
  • contains gluten (but it's also available the gluten free version!)
 Bloating: this is the most amazing effect I noticed when I started (since the first day!), my tummy become really flat even after the meal when sometimes it becomes really swollen especially because I have a lot of problems with my intestine (and a very bad intollerance to lactose).

Indigestion: some day I ate way too much and other ones I ate for error something containing lactose (and you have to believe me, I become like a ball when it happens), my tummy was still really flat even in these cases!!

Problematic skin: with the change of season my skin always becomes a mess, but after one week using the tea my skin became really soft and bright, and slowly a lot of blemishes disappeared!

Cellulite: I didn't notice something about this, mostly because it's kinda impossible with only 14 days to change it.

Reduction of excess od weight: I lost one kg while drinking it.

Increase of energy: I noticed a little increase of energy, I was able to study even in the night ahah!

Before talking about my final opinion I want to describe my actual lifestyle: I'm currently on diet since Febraury, I try to eat healthy as I can and eat a little extra only during the weekend. I also do a lot of work out every day with the rest day on Sunday and I got a lot of muscles since Febraury, which of course helped a lot with the weight loss. This is not a diet tea, this kind of tea helps your organism to clean your intestine so if you want to see some good results you have to follow a proper healthy diet and do basic sports, I saw a lot of  results because I already did a lot for my body and this tea helped me to mantain my intestine and my skin clean! I really recommend to try it if you're curious and if you're searching for something that can help you to stay healthy and full of energy! I hope to try it again in the future, I had an amazing experience with it and with great results, I'm really thankful to Yourtea for giving me the chance to try it and spread the world about this good product! Let me know if you already tried it or you would like to try it :D

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  1. I know this produce from other blogs and I visited their site sometimes. I don't have problem with my body but I think it looks so interesting.Older times when I was on diet too I really wanted to try out it.
    Bai, Shiki

    1. It's really interesting to try it even if you don't want to lose weight :D I think it makes a lot of good effects to my skin!

  2. Can you use it if you're not on a diet, but want clearer skin, extra energy, reduce bloating and deal with indigestion? Or will it not work as well.
    Thanks, Charli x

    1. Yes you can use it even if you don't want to lose weight! There is also a version to clear your skin :)


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