Darker than black

Hat h&m - Dress Sheinside - Leggings Calzedonia - Boots Windsor Smith - Backpack Even & Odd

I'm totally in the mood for tons of witchy and total black coords lately (where is my spring mood?? I think I lost it ahah), I shot this one some days ago to meet a dear friend before she leaved the country for a lot of months (sigh). I got recently this gorgeous dress/shirt from Sheinside, it's perfect for my style, easy to coordinate and super comfy to wear! I saw it coordinated with simple jeans, with shorts + tights, it's really versatile and the quality is pretty good, really soft at touch! I love the fact it looks like a normal long black dress from the front and in the side it's totally another thing. (The post title is one of my favorite animes, don't jugde me ahahah!)

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