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A while ago I was contacted by the lovely shop Snapmade to try some of their products, it sells a lot of personalized items like t-shirts, hoodies, mugs, covers, etc, so many great things to choose!
 I changed my smart phone last month so I was really happy to find a really great selection of iphone covers, it was really difficult to choose because there are so many lovely ones for Iphone 6
( you can also get a custom iphone 6 case and Personalized Gifts) , but in the end I went for two Halloween themed ones, especially 'cause it's really hard to find something like this where I live!

Every cover comes with its own cartoon little pack with a well done plastic bag inside and outside of it, it's one of best packing I ever seen in tons of shipping! All things were in perfect condition thanks to this great boxing.

For every cover you get a brand new plastic paper to protect your iphone screen, I always change it especially when the phone is brand new so I was really happy to find them! Here in Italy when you buy a cover you don't find any protective screen, even if you spend tons of money for a brand cover lol. Another great thing about this website!

The first cover is a cute hard case in solid plastic with a striped print with a pumpkin and some cute ghosts, the quality is really high and the print perfect! It's a bit difficult for me to take off the cover when I would like to change it but only because I have quite long nails, nothing bad to say about this 'cause it's totally perfect and the print is one of the most cute thing ever! You can find it HERE and it's available for other smart phone models!

The second cover is made of two materials, the hard plastic with the lovely illustration (which is so well done!) and the silicon part on the boards which is really easy to take off, it's soft but it has the perfect hardness to keep your phone safe without making it voluminous. The print is perfect and really cute like the other cover! You can find it HERE and it's available for other models as well.

I got the parcel in around three weeks and everything was perfect, I'm totally satisfied with the products and the customer service, I absolutely recommend Snapmade to you all!

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  1. Those are so cute! I especially love the striped one

  2. Oh my gosh I love them! Would be perfect for Halloween~

  3. They are so cute! I love the one with the tree in the background.

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