Day 4: Akihabara (part I)


The forth day we went to the usual tap of every Tokyo travel, Akihabara! We wanted to buy some gifts for our friends and check the Yodobashi Akiba which is a BIG electronic mall full of everything you can immagine. I went there also to look for new covers for my iphone but I didn't find something I liked, but you can belive me there was a big department only for phone covers XD.

The toys floor was full of Nintendo merchandise, Pokemon and Sailor moon items! Most of the things like the famous Proplica scepters were expensive as hell, but I've never found a lot of these items everywhere in Tokyo, so if you're searching for something with a really good quality you totally need to check this mall!

Tons and tons of beautiful covers for the new Nintendo 3DS and beautiful games ww will never see in Europe T__T. For lunch we just went around the main street searching for something cute and cheap and we found a tiny tradition locale with a little menu, but everything was delicious!

Fried chicken and gyouza are always the best solution when you don't want to eat rice, rice...and RICE. I don't understand how japanese are so thin when they eat so many fried and heavy food T_T I think I'd be a whale if I lived there. After lunch we went around shops and game stations to get some Love Live stuff lol.

I bought a big doujinshi about Gilgamesh of Fate stay Night.......I regret NOTHING.

This is all for the first part of the 4th day! We went to Harajuku in the afternoon so expect some lovely cute pics to see! Akihabara is a beautiful district but not my favorite at all, I felt really bored after half of a day there because most of the shops and game stations are always the same. Let me know if I'm not the only one who thinks that, I prefer way more Shibuya and Shinjuku which is full of gorgeous shops and glamours people.

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  1. I never realised the Yodabashi stores were so good! I would have checked them out other wise, I went to mostly used goods store in Akiba hehe


    1. It's an amazing mall! You have to visit it next time :D


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