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New review for the well know store Bornprettystore! If you didn't know it, it sells a lot of different items both for makeup (brushes, eye and face makeup, nails,  etc) and fashion (accessories like necklace, braceletes, rings, etc). It's really convenient if you're searching for the most popular items for cheap prices, I found so many amazing things it was really hard to choose! Check the accessories section which is totally amazing!

I got everything in the usual month with the slow shipping method, everything was really well packed and they all have their plastic bags with tags. Very good packaging! I also got their cute business card!

The first item is a cool octopus necklace! It's available only in this bronze color, but it fits perfectly every outfit color. The quality is really good, the necklace is light and easy to wear, the details are well done! Definitely recommended! The prices are absolutely the best, the most cheap I ever seen for this kind of accessory! Can you beleive this beautiful necklace is 1,35$? You can find it HERE.

The second item is a classic spiked bracelet in gold (available in silver and black too), the quality is really good, the plastic is great and the spikes well done, I especially love the bright gold color! It's all elastic so you don't have to worry about size. The price is really cheap, only 2,66$! You can find it HERE.

 The third item is a silver chain necklace (available in gold and black as well), it's a very fashionable item, I saw it in almost every shop in Italy! It's really light because it's all in plastic, not metallic, so you can easily wear it everyday without feeling your neck heavy. I really like the fact it looks totally like a metallic one ahahah! The price is only 2,99$! You can find it HERE.

I'm really happy and satisfied about everthing (customer service, shipping, packaging and products quality), so I have to recommend this shop to you! I hope to try more items in the future!

You can use the code "ADDT10" for a 10% discount on your order!

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