Plaid time


Choker, tights Taobao - Necklace Vivienne Westwood - Dress/blouse Missguided - Shoes Cute to the core

My butt totally frezeed while I was taking these pics ahahah but I noticed it was quite a long time since my last outfit post (I was too lazy, I'm sorry for that!) so I took my courage and went outside with 5°c and took these pics. My day was quite relaxing at my bf's home with some friends, hot tea, sweets and videogames so I hadn't an occasion to dress up in a special way, but I liked my cozy outfit anyway especially 'cause I'm in love with this big blouse/dress I got recently from Missguided, it's really warm and perfect for casual coords! I'm a fan of tartan/plaid items but only recently I got some things with it, do you like it? I think it's the best option for autumn/winter when you want to dress up a bit colorful!

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